Tufo Tire GRAVEL THUNDERO 48-622(700x48C) 470g

Tufo Tire GRAVEL THUNDERO 48-622(700x48C) 470g
Tufo Plášť GRAVEL THUNDERO 48-622(700x48C) 470g

Cena1: 54.90€

Universal tubeless tire ready for those who don't want to think about where their route will take them. The THUNDERO tire can handle any surface. It provides good grip on non-reinforced surfaces and enables sharp turns. The wide pattern and the durable flexible Jubena layer covering the sidewalls protect the tire from damage from stones. The construction of the carcass of the tire with a high count of fine fibers together with the soft compound of the tread irons out any uneven surface and prevents the tire from bouncing on bumps. High mileage raid.
PRESSURE: 1.4-3.2 bar (20-45 PSI)
TPI: 210 (in the sidewall) /375 (under the tread)
strong>Width: 48mm
Weight: 470g
Purpose: gravel

Product ID: 21859

About the brand Tufo

Company TUFO was founded in 1991, based on more than 25 years of experience in rubber tyre industry of Mr. Miloslav Klabal – founder and spirit leader of the company in one person. These days TUFO products are manufactured to the highest standards conforming to the strictest criteria in the races for podium finish.