Tufo Tire COMTURA DUO 28 28-622 (700 × 28C) 250g

Tufo Tire COMTURA DUO 28 28-622 (700 × 28C) 250g
Tufo Plášť COMTURA DUO 28  28-622 (700×28C) 250g - čierna

Cena1: 45.90€

The most universal model from the new Comtura range, which knows everything and, moreover, very well. Although it is a racing tire, you can expect a long service life and excellent protection against defects.
Vectran puncture barrier - this highly effective anti-defect system protects the tire in the most endangered area under the tread, provides the best possible protection and at the same time contributes to cornering stability.
size: 28-622 / 700x28C
weight: 250 g
pressure: 6-8 bar (90-115 psi)

Product ID: 14528

About the brand Tufo

Company TUFO was founded in 1991, based on more than 25 years of experience in rubber tyre industry of Mr. Miloslav Klabal – founder and spirit leader of the company in one person. These days TUFO products are manufactured to the highest standards conforming to the strictest criteria in the races for podium finish.