PANARACER Tire Gravelking SS+, kevlar. foot, black-brown

PANARACER Tire Gravelking SS+, kevlar. foot, black-brown

44.08€ - 47.42€ excl. VAT

Panaracer Gravelking SS (SemiSlick) gravel bike tires are designed for dry conditions. The SS+ variant is characterized by increased puncture resistance thanks to the ProTite layer, which offers additional extra protection against punctures of the tread and sidewall on particularly demanding tracks or riding on loose surfaces with sharp stones.

They behave excellently on gravel and unpaved roads, but thanks to the fine pattern they are also fast on asphalt. The Gravelking SS tires with their semislick pattern are prepared to serve you well even if you are going to race in dry conditions.
Riding gravel bikes on gravel roads is becoming more and more popular nowadays. It's great for cyclists who want to leave asphalt roads behind and enjoy the freedom of unpaved roads.

The Semi Slick features an all-new pattern consisting of a smooth diamond pattern in the center with more aggressive side lugs.
This tread pattern allows the rider to maintain cornering speed and maintain control over any transition that a gravel ride might present. The GravelKing SS features a puncture-resistant nylon webbing and Panaracer's proprietary ZSG (Zero Slip Grip) compound.

Note: size 28C is not compatible with tubeless tires and must be used with a tube.

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Weight: 616 g

About the brand Panaracer

Since founding in 1952, at Panaracer we have continued to break new ground as a specialist manufacturer of bicycle tires and inner tubes. To continue providing steadfast quality, as well as value that meets the needs of the times, we have formulated a new corporate statement to support the core of our business activities.