Maxxis tire ASSEGAI 3CT/EXO/TR 27.5", kevlar

Maxxis tire ASSEGAI 3CT/EXO/TR 27.5", kevlar

62.25€ - 66.75€ excl. VAT

3CT - Medium triple reinforcement, suitable for all-round trail riding.

EXO - Additional material for side walls, resistant to cutting. Suitable for use in
a wide range of MTB disciplines from gravel, XC to trail riding.

TR - Designed for tubeless systems

WT - The Wide Trail (WT) construction optimizes the distribution and profile of the tire tread.
WT can be used on rims with an internal width ranging from 19mm to 35mm.

Weight: 1044g

Product ID: 19690

About the brand Maxxis

Maxxis sa už viac ako 50 rokov venuje výrobe plášťov a pneumatík. Ich pneumatikám dôveruje mnoho jazdcov a vodičov, od priemerných spotrebiteľov až po profesionálov.