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At microSHIFT, we have put together engineering and manufacturing teams with decades of drivetrain experience. By pairing their expertise with state-of-the-art design and patented technologies, we are able to deliver incredibly consistent components that you can trust in real world conditions.

Technology For All

We never hold back innovative features from our products based on price or level – in fact, we strive to pack as many features as possible into everything we make.
We think every rider should have access to the best possible riding gear, because that just makes riding a bike more fun. Whether a product is at the high end or the low end of our line, our first goal is always the same: deliver quality and performance to the highest possible standard.

Drivetrain Since 1999

While you were honing your riding skills, our engineers were busy leveling-up their drivetrain expertise. Since 1999, we have been improving our manufacturing, material science, and drivetrain designs. The result is product with great feel and function that performs in real world conditions.
With an array of specialized machinery and facilities in Taiwan and China, our drivetrain manufacturing team never stops investing in new ways to make our products better or our quality control more consistent.

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