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Designed in England, manufactured in EU using German materials. Absoluteblack is the largest mountain bike oval chainring manufacturer in the world with years of expertise in this field and is producing the highest quality, beautifully designed and engineered oval chainrings on the market with impeccable attention to detail.

The only scientifically proven oval chainrings on the market. Studies led by the University of Primorska, Slovenia show significant differences when using absoluteBLACK Oval chainrings compared to round. Up to 9% increase of pedaling effectiveness, up to 7% less oxygen consumption, up to 15% less Ventilation (breathing) and up to 10% heart rate decrease when using oval chainrings versus round. What does that mean? In short, it means that you will consume less energy at the same power output using Oval chainrings so you can ride for longer and/or faster. Our data show that the higher you climb the more effort you have to put in, therefore it's important to maximize efficiency and effectiveness and you can improve both by using oval chainrings.

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