STAN'S NO TUBES DART TOOL gluing set - applicator + 2 refills

STAN'S NOTUBES DART TOOL gluing set - applicator + 2 refills

DART is a new Stan´s Notubes project that will make it possible to fix large defects even faster, easier and better. DART triggers a chemical reaction between the wick material and the Stan´s Notubes putty and creates a very strong patch.

The patented DART is reworked down to the smallest detail:
-Due to the chemical reaction between the sealant and the wick material, gluing the defect is much more effective
-Kread wicks were originally developed for car tires, and when used on bicycle strings can damage the rim, rim tape or cut your hands. Also, in some cases, due to their size, they even increase the defect mechanically.
-On the contrary, the plastic tip of the DART is articulated and thus holds it in place even during aggressive driving, and at the same time it is safe for rims, belt and your hands. The material from which the DART is made is flexible, it adapts perfectly to defects of various shapes and thus maximizes the area on which the reaction with the sealant occurs.
-One of the best features of the DART system is that the remnants of the wick sticking out of the shell do not need to be trimmed. Excess material does not form bumps on the tire and falls off on its own.

The case for DART is very light, durable and easily fits in a pocket or bag. The ergonomic design allows the wick to be placed precisely in the defect. It contains a built-in key for removing the valve. The case has space for 2 DART arrows, and can handle even massive or multiple defects.

Product ID: 19166

Weight: 22 g

About the brand STAN´S NO TUBES

Stan Koziatek added his first name to "No Tubes". For Stan, it's not just about marketing. He was the one to come up with the idea to go tubeless.