VORTEX chain oil GO CHAIN JUICE PTFE dropper, 100 ml

VORTEX chain oil GO CHAIN JUICE PTFE dropper, 100 ml

VORTEX GO CHAIN JUICE PTFE chain oil in oil 100ml, LUBE & RIDE series

This oil was created for professional riders, recreational riders, but also for those who use bicycles as a daily mode of transport. Provides quick lubrication of the chain and moving bicycle components.

The chain is a relatively complicated component of a bicycle whose functionality stands still and falls on lubrication. Most cyclists become interested in the condition of the chain only when it is difficult for them to "pull" or the chain makes a strange sound. Don't wait until it's hard to pull and try Teflon VORTEX GO CHAIN JUICE PTFE oil.

It creates a thin, stable oil film that does not leave stains, reduces friction, which increases the life of the chain and reduces its tension. Excellent lubricating properties together with the protective layer it creates, resistance to moisture and changing weather conditions make it a highly recommended lubricant for all types of chains and moving parts.

It has excellent lubricating properties and protects against corrosion. Eliminates whistling and squeaking chains Suitable for all types of chains and bowden cable. Ideal for users looking for an easy-to-use product without having to decide which lubricant to choose.

Main advantages:
-The lubricating layer is resistant to moisture and weather conditions
-Long-lasting lubricating effect
-Corrosion protection
-Simple application

Package content: 100ml

Product ID: 19159

About the brand Vortex

Vortex is a new brand of bike accessories, with good quality alternatives to OEM components. Their range consists of cables, disc pads, brake shoes, bottle cages, kickstands, tools...