Tufo Tire GRAVEL THUNDERO 40-622 (700x40C) 440g

Universal tubeless ready tubeless ready tire for those who do not want to think wherever their route says. The THUNDERO tire can handle any surface. It provides a good grip on unstable surfaces and allows you to turn sharply. The wide design and durable flexible layer of Jubena covering the sidewall protects the casing from damage from stones. The construction of the carcass of a high number of fine fibers together with a soft tread mixture will iron out any uneven surface and prevent the tire from bouncing on uneven surfaces. High mileage.
PRESSURE: 2-5 bar (30-70 psi)
TPI: 210 (sidewall) / 375 (under tread)
Designation: gravel

Product ID: 15310

Weight: 440 g