Maxxis soul WELTER WEIGHT 700

Maxxis soul WELTER WEIGHT 700

Designed for road, city and trekking tires.
Tube wall in the thickness of 0.8 mm.

Galuskový ventil - FV
Car valve - SV

700X23 / 32C - 100g
700X33 / 50C - 130g

Instructions for use for Maxxis souls

1. Check the size and type of this tube valve to make sure it is compatible with your wheel and tire.
2. Always protect your eyes when maintaining your soul.
3. The assembly of the tubes should be done exclusively by hand.
4. Inflation of souls should only be performed using a hand pump.
5. Never exceed the maximum inflation pressure marked on the side of the casing.
6. Improper pressure on the soul can cause the soul to rupture and result in injury to the rider.

The Maxxis valve has a removable valve core that allows you to add fluid
sealant for additional protection against defects.

To add sealant, simply remove the valve core by turning against
clockwise. Use the valve core removal tool
or small pliers. Add your preferred liquid sealant to the tube and reapply
install the valve core by turning it clockwise. Be careful,
so that you do not overtighten them, as this could damage the valve core.

Country of origin: Vietnam

Product ID: 17354

About the brand Maxxis

Maxxis sa už viac ako 50 rokov venuje výrobe plášťov a pneumatík. Ich pneumatikám dôveruje mnoho jazdcov a vodičov, od priemerných spotrebiteľov až po profesionálov.