ROCK MACHINE Saddle Comfort 30

Anatomically designed saddle with ErgoGel technology and equipped with a ventilation channel that reduces pressure in the perineal area while improving ventilation. These features ensure comfort and relief even after prolonged use. Side protection ensures a longer life. Scale on skids for precise adjustment.

Product ID: 19429

About the brand Rock Machine

QUITE SIMPLY, WE LOVE RIDING BIKES. From the humble garage-days back in 1994 to the present fast changing times, Rock Machine has always followed one basic principle: Having fun behind the bars. Sure there are months in front of the computer screens, sure there are miles & miles on the jetplanes, sure we spent countless of hours by refining even the smallest frame details. But year after year we couldn‘t wait for that moment we release our early prototypes into the wild. Riding them from the workshop to the dirt, back and forth and putting them to the limits in the most extreme conditions is the most enjoyable part of research & development. It not only enables us to give racers an opportunity to fight for the podium on the world stage, but above all it helps to deliver the most satisfying experience on the trail to everyone.