SIGMA Set light front BUSTER 300 + flasher Nugget II set of lights

SIGMA Set light front BUSTER 300 + flasher Nugget II set of lights

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Set of lights - front SIGMA BUSTER 300 + flasher Nugget II is a great choice for travel in any weather.
The light for the Sigma BUSTER 300 bicycle shines with an intensity of up to 300 lumens. The Buster 300 has a built-in lithium-ion battery in a compact, robust body with Micro-USB charging and 50m lighting range.
The silicone cover protects the aluminum body of the Buster 300 light during night driving on narrow trails.
Strong LED light with modern CREE LED technology, long lighting time, capacity indicator and battery charging, as well as six light modes will convince the whole line.
Description of BUSTER 300:
- LED headlight with the latest CREE LED technology
- Built-in LI-ion battery (no need to change batteries)
- Luminosity 300 lumens
- Special optics for side visibility
- 6 lighting modes: Power (200 lm), standard (100 lm) Eco (50 lm), flashing, fast flashing and SOS Flash mode
- Lighting time: 1.5 h (Power), 3 hours (standard mode), 7h (eco mode), 6 hours (flashing mode), 5.5 hours (fast flashing) and 8h (SOS flashing)
- Full charge time 3 hours
- 2-stage charge and battery status indicator
- Allows charging during operation
- Side-adjustable, removable slide holder
- High quality aluminum body for optimal temperature control
- Tool-free installation, also suitable for oversize handlebars
- It is also possible to use a silicone holder
- Click-switch with protection against accidental switching on
- The light is waterproof
- Horizontally adjustable holder
- Protection against unintentional switching on (double press for switching on)
- Weight: 104 g
The SIGMA NUGGET II rear turn signal is designed for driving on busy roads. Thanks to the visibility of up to 400 m, the application of the SIGMA NUGGET II flasher is everywhere where safety comes first. The small size and light weight make the Nugget ideal for all bikes.
It uses a 1/2 Watt, high-power LED and a new Fresnel lens, which provides more than 220 degrees of lateral visibility.
The SIGMA NUGGET II flashlight is powered by a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Charging time is 2 hours
Features of NUGGET II:
- Lighting time approx. 5 h standard lighting, 2 h intensive mode, 8 h flashing mode
- Battery level indicator with 2 levels
- Visibility: 400m
- Weight: 24 g
- Integrated USB charging function, mounting with O-rings
Set package contents:
- BUSTER 300
- Micro USB cable

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