MONKEY LINK Rearlight for electric bicycle RearLight

Rear light for an electric bicycle RearLight for e-bikes - simple connection via Monkey Link.

The new and innovative magnetic attachment enables easy assembly and disassembly. Particularly convenient: Monkey Link supplies the light with electricity from the e-bike battery.

Monkey Link automatically creates a connection between the bike and the holder - magnetic, fast, simply intuitive. The light components on the electric bicycle are powered by a battery and can be controlled via the display.
One click changes e.g. a sports electric mountain bike for a vehicle suitable for everyday use. The lighting components, which are magnetically connected to the BlueDock and fixed in place with an intuitive locking mechanism, ensure safety on the go. Unintentional release while driving is impossible.

The light is supplied without a holder and connecting cable.

Product ID: 19928

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