Business Terms and Conditions SLOGER, j.s.a

Web side is operator SLOGER, j.s.a., Čsl. armády 6, 934 01, Levice, Co. Reg. No.: 51804506.

We use the courier company SPS to deliver the ordered goods.

For orders (except for bicycles) up to 100 € excluding VAT, the shipping cost is 5€ without VAT..
For orders (except for bicycles) over 100 € without VAT, the shipping fee is paid by SLOGER, j.s.a..

The following freight rates apply to bicycles:
Mechanical bicycle 5€ without VAT
Electric bike 10€ without VAT.

Prices are valid only for sending shipments to Slovakia and when sending the entire order in one shipment. When splitting an order and sending it in several shipments, the total shiping cost can be higher.

We will inform you about the exact amount of abroad shiping cost after confirming your order.

We do not charge any additional fees for these prices. We do not charge packaging, regardless of the value of your order.
The following methods of payment can be used in the B2B store :

  • Pre-invoice - payment in advance by bank transfer.
  • Cash on delivery - payments upon delivery of goods by courier. We charge a surcharge of 1 € without VAT for this service
  • Invoice payment - payment with agreed maturity by transfer to an account.
    • Applies only to verified customers with excellent payment discipline
    • This payment method will not be available if the credit limit assigned to the customer is exceeded
Terms and conditions of internet wholesale (purchase order)
The customer confirms with his order that he has read the following conditions::

      1. General Terms and Conditions:
      These terms and conditions apply to the online wholesale of The conditions define and specify the rights and obligations of the seller, it is company SLOGER, j.s.a., Čsl.Armády 6, 934 01 Levice and its customers (buyers) and in its current wording forms the content of the purchase contract (on the supply of goods).
      Prices shown are without VAT, unless otherwise specified. The prices displayed to a specific customer include a discount if the customer is entitled to it for the given goods.
      The customer can see customer discounts for brands in their B2B zone. If the customer exceeds the limit required for a higher discount group with his order, the discounts from this discount group will be applied in the current order.
      We will automatically notify the customer of the receipt of the order by e-mail. By sending an electronic order, the buyer accepts all the terms and conditions as valid on the day of sending the order, especially the valid price of the ordered goods (including shipping costs) listed on this website.
      The seller reserves the right to correct the price in the event of a technical error and also to change the prices when changing the entry prices of goods.

      2. Order, conclusion of the contract
      The order is a draft purchase contract. The contract is created by the delivery of the goods.
      The seller can request an order confirmation (authorization). Confirmation of receipt of the order will be sent by e-mail. Please resolve any discrepancies by sending an e-mail to, or with your assigned sales representative.

      3. Order cancellation
      Cancellation of the order by the seller is possible for technical reasons, unforeseen circumstances, etc.
      The customer will be immediately notified by e-mail about the reasons for the cancellation and possible solutions.

      4. Delivery and payment terms
      The place of performance is the registered office or place of business of the buyer specified in the order.
      Ownership of the goods passes to the buyer on the day of payment of the purchase price.
      The seller will deliver the goods immediately, no later than the date specified in the order, which takes into account the availability of goods. In case of impossibility to meet this deadline, e.g. for technical reasons, unavailability of goods, unforeseen circumstances, etc., the delivery date will be agreed with the customer individually.
      The purchase price of the goods is payable upon receipt of the goods in cash (upon receipt of cash on delivery) or before delivery (for pre-invoice). Other payment terms can be agreed individually.

      Goods that are ordered "cash on delivery" are paid in cash to the carrier upon delivery of the goods. Information on this method of payment is given on the consignment note, including the total amount with VAT. The consignment note also serves as proof of payment.
      The supplier will issue an electronic invoice for all delivered goods, which will be sent after delivery of the goods to the email address specified in the customer's account.

      5. Return of goods
      The goods will be taken back under the following conditions:
      • a) The goods must be able to be resold, intact and in their original packaging.
      • b) The customer must send the goods back to the seller together with a copy of the proof of payment within three working days of receipt.
      • c) The money for the goods is refunded after countdown the cost of postage

      6. Complaints
      The complaint conditions are described in detail in the complaint procedure below.

      7. Protection of personal data.
      You can find more about privacy in the Privacy section.

      8. Final provisions
      The buyer is commited by the order (draft purchase contract) for the period specified for the delivery of the goods.
This complaint procedure was prepared in accordance with the Civil Code (hereinafter CC) and the Commercial Code and applies to goods that were purchased in the wholesale of SLOGER, j.s.a. (next only the seller) and his claim was made during the warranty period.
  • ARTICLE I - Right to claim defective or damaged goods
    If buyer find a defect in the purchased goods, the buyer has the right to complain about this defect. A change in the goods, which occurred during the warranty period, as a result of its wear, incorrect use or interference with its mechanism or construction (§619CC), is not considered a defect. If the buyer exercises the right to make a complaint, the seller or another authorized employee is obliged to decide on the complaint without undue delay. In the case that the decision to secure a complaint requires professional assessment, the seller will agree with the buyer the time limit for handling the complaint.
  • ARTICLE II - Time limit for making a complaint
    The condition for making a complaint is that it has to be made during the warranty period. Unless a different period is in the warranty card, the warranty period is 24 months from the date of sale of the goods. The day of sale must be evidenced by a bill or other proof of purchase and payment for the goods. If the complaint is solved by a repair, the repair period is not included in the warranty period. If the complaint is solved by the exchange of damaged goods for new goods, the new warranty period runs from the date of replacement (§627 / 2CC).
  • ARTICLE III - Complaint handling - remediable defect
    In the case of a defect that can be repaired, the buyer has the right to have it repaired free of charge, in good time and properly (§622CC). In the situation that the buyer complains about the defect of the goods (for example wheel hubs, lights, main parts, etc.), the seller can eliminate the defect by replacing the defective part with a new. Remediable defects are considered to be those where their removal (repair, replacement) does not affect the appearance, function or quality. The deadline for handling the complaint is 30 days from the date of receipt of the complaint. In the case of a debugger, the buyer may request:
    • free, timely and proper debugging
    • if the goods have not been used, their exchange (§623CC)
  • ARTICLE IV - Complaint handling - irreparable defect
    Unrecoverable defects are considered to be such defects that cannot be repaired or would be affected by the appearance, quality and function of the goods (§623CC). In the case of an unrecoverable defect, the buyer may request:
    • discount (§623CC)
    • exchange of goods for other without defect (§623 / 1CC)
    • cancellation of the purchase contract (623 / 2CC)
    The seller reserves the right to deliver in exchange for defective goods, other goods, fully functional, compatible, but at least the same or better technical parameters.
  • ARTICLE V - The right to file a complaint lapses in the following cases:
    • if the warranty period for the claimed goods has expired (must be documented in a bill)
    • if the goods are mechanically damaged (impact, fall, etc.)
    • in case of damage to the goods during transport (must be solved directly with the carrier upon receipt)
    • in case of damage due to improper assembly, operation or neglected care of the goods and their components
    • if the product has been damaged by an excessive load or used in contravention of the general conditions for the type of product in question.
    • in the event of unauthorized interference with its structure, mechanics or electronics
    • when damaged by the nature elements
    • if the complaint does not include a copy of the proof of purchase of goods from the company SLOGER, j.s.a.
  • ARTICLE VI - Sale of a complaint for assessment
    If the buyer wants to send any goods for complaint to the company SLOGER, j.s.a., it is necessary to mark the transport packaging with the inscription COMPLAINTS and equip the shipment with all the above requirements. Goods sent by the buyer without these requirements, the seller is entitled to send back at his expense. The buyer sends the defective goods to the seller at his own expense. Repaired or replaced goods are also sent by the seller at his own expense. The buyer can deliver the claimed goods to the company's complaints department in person. Even in this case, it is necessary to have all the required documents.
  • ARTICLE VII - Final Provisions
    The seller reserves the right to change these complaint rules. This complaint procedure is valid from 21.10.2019 until the issuance of a new one. Everything else is governed by the Commercial Code.